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Hach Nutrient Workshop Synopsis

  • 17 Feb 2015 12:55 PM
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    Zach Dahlgren (Administrator)

    Our Hach Nutrient Workshop turned out to be a great experience in which we received positive feedback and great suggestions for future educational classes and workshop formats. Hach was generous to provide enough of their mobile DR 1900 specs so that people could work in groups of two during hands-on analyses.


    The workshop was led by instructor Kathy Naranjo and she was assisted by Derek Wolfe. These two bright minds have notable history with Hach as well as lab experience and chemistry knowledge.



    We went over the agenda for the day and then jumped straight into preparation for a TNT Total N test as well as a TNT TKN test. These analyses require a 60 minute digestion period, so they were prepared first.



    After we set our samples into the DRB 200 reactors to digest, we briefly discussed a summary of Regulation 85 and moved on to more Nitrogen tests. We went through the        processes of nitrification, denitrification, and where they occur during a typical WWTP process. From here we moved on to hands on analyses for Nitrite, Nitrate, TN, and TKN. This was a fun exercise to see who would produce results closest to the expected standard values.  




    Upon completion of the Nitrogen analyses we discussed and moved on to Phosphorus tests. We were able to test for TP and Orthophosphorus using TNT and TNT plus methods. We closed the session with a summary of the process that Hach Methods go through in order to be accepted by the EPA and a QA session on which methods are accepted by EPA, Reg. 85 reporting, and those in the process of getting approved.


    If you would like to know more about the workshop or about Hach's methods, products, and other classes feel free to email zach.dahlgren@greeleygov.com .   




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